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 Hip Hop/ Jazz Stars

Ages: 8-12

Day: Thursday 5:30-6:30

Instructor: Maddie Almond

Description: This upbeat class combines basic hip-hop and jazz technique and choreography with no suggestive lyrics/movements. This fast-paced and fun class uses hip-hop and jazz to develop coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expression.

Class Attire: Jazz shoes and clothes students can move easily in.

Costume Fee:  Christmas costume- $15 for whole recital. Spring costumes- $65 per dance class. ($85 if enrolled after December 1st 2019)

Performance Fee: $25 (Due Oct 15th, and Feb 15th)

Tuition: $55 (each month)

Christmas Recital: Plaza Academy t-shirt with theme logo . Student supplies black pants, skirt/tutu or shorts.

Big Spring Recital:   Theme- TBD